Complex Listing and directions

The extension Complex Listing allows authors so say lists with custom delimiters and format (definite or indefinite articles, among others).

However, I found out that the extension defines a special case for saying a list of directions, which will never use the custom format and always print the bare name of the direction without articles. (The special case is in the say a/the/-- list of (selected table - a table-name) phrase.)

Is there a good reason for this? I mean, it quite defeats the purpose of the extension, which is to give more control to the author when saying lists. If I don’t want articles with my directions, I can tell the extension so; why force me to have no articles?

And it even causes issues with built-in list styles: for example, using the “enumerated” style with direction won’t print the numbers before the directions.

So for me it’s a bug, unless someone can give the reason it’s like that?