Completed 👻 Jams Reviews Round Up! ~ Bare-Bones, EctoComp and inkJam done!

Roma Tenebris by voidrim

Summary: Roman Republic senator’s schemes simulator

Thoughts: A short and fun “political” simulator set in Ancient Rome. Try restoring the balance in the Senate while avoiding causing too many riots or lose the city altogether (I failed the first, sorry plebs). Nudge other Senators to change their votes (or not) with different approaches (I’m a great convincer it turns out, makes sense).
Also enjoyed the playful writing in this one.

sidenote: it’s sliiiightly cheating with the use of colour/effect. technically Harlowe has build-in macros so you don’t have to edit the CSS… It’s been two weeks, so I’m guess I’m late or whatever.

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Photographs from the Summer of 1987 by catsket

Summary: you find an old photo book in an antique store. summer of 1987. photographs by adonis d’amour. if lost, please return to ███████

Thoughts: Holy shit, the whiplash for this one. Do read the content warnings before playing the game. I did, I expected some weird stuff, but that is some gruesome weird stuff.
The gruesome aside, the writing is very vivid. The descriptions the photos from the book paints quite the pictures (eh, bad puns). The start is actually quite lovely, like a fun roadtrip where you meet someone cool and they tag along with you for the summer. And then you go on some dark shenanigans with them for lolz…


OBJECT PERMANENCE by graymeditations

Summary: :woman_shrugging:

Thoughts: I don’t know what to make of this game just yet. There was no blurb or anything…
You are shown an item and asked whether you’d like to discard it or stop the process. For some objects you will also have the option to ruminate. The game ends when you either stop or discard the 27 items (of different levels of broken).
I just know it made me sad after I was done.

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The Secret of Flint Smith by trexanddrago

Summary: Anthony Fitzgerald, now as 18 years old man, sneaks into Flint Smith’s house, after he got a message from someone if someone (or something) was locked in the basement under Flint Smith’s house.
Note: this is a sequel to Ranaway, which had been submitted to the SingleChoice Jam

Thoughts: I got inside, looked around, and got stuck.
The kinetic parser uses unconventional keys to progress through the story (such as L to leave), but seems to be buggy (or I ran into the ending).

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Christian Delaney and the Dirigible of Death by noseflautist

Summary: a Murder Mystery set on an Airship

Thoughts: I do wish this had been a complete game rather than a demo, because I had fun while playing it (take the UNFINISHED paths at your own risks :stuck_out_tongue: )
. Vibes of Agatha Christie mysteries (locked room, unexpected murder setting). You play as an up-n-comer detective, ready to prove to the word you have what it takes to do the job!
The writing is pretty playful and fun. Playing on those old detective tones from the 20s-40s.
The game offers multiple ways to interact, with different traits (reminded me of Thirty-Nine Steps in that way). And has a point system à-la Fate (TTRPG)?
I’m looking forward to see how the game pans out…

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Preordained (A Dimensions Tale) by Jackson The Bear

Summary: A short tale starring the Commander of a spaceship, their crew, and Death.

Thoughts: A short sci-fi story where a ship essentially lands into an ambush. There are multiple endings (all of which end fairly abruptly - if there is not link, it’s an ending). The building of the action is interesting, but I wish the different elements (NPCs or other important groups) were more fleshed out, or you could have a bit more agency in what to do.

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Starless by CherylDella

Summary: the story of a prophecy playing out but from the point of view of the monster destined to bring destruction to the kingdom.

Thoughts: Was interesting in using a different POV to take on the Savior’s journey. But the story itself didn’t particularly grab me. Also, the ending is supposed to change depending on your previous choices (trust level), but there is not much aside from the notification…
I did notice text bolded at random by the end of the game

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And Last entry of the BareBones!

Forcas by Unexpected Dreams

Note: this game is a demo/in alpha.

Summary: Life is a narrative, but is it yours?
Two students find themselves locked in a library after hours.

Thoughts: a tale in two parts/POV, where things are not what they seemed. I liked the mirroring of the actions you can do with one or the other person. The “girl” path resonated more with me than the “boy” one (you have to play both either way). And I got a fairly good ending (playing smartly, not like in horror movies). There’s an interesting core in this entry, and I hope the author will update/polish it in the future!

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Before I “close” this thread, a honorable mention to Abandoned Confession by S1MPF0RD3PR3SS, which ended up being a short story in a pdf.


I’ve played a month’s worth of games. Three jams. 100+ mini reviews. Loads of fun.
Thanks to everyone who submitted to either/and/or the InkJam, the EctoComp, Barebones!

Anyway… I’m going to finish my IFDB spam :stuck_out_tongue: