Compiling TADS Source

I’m sure I’ll figure out some things on my own, but prior to starting: are there any logistics or things I need on my machine before I get started compiling TADS?

I’m on a Windows 7 machine. I currently have the latest Visual C++ Express but I do have access to the Professional version if needed. Most of my development is in Ruby, Python, and Haskell so I probably don’t have whatever the equivalent of “build essentials” is on Windows.

My experience with C and C++ was many years in the past but I’m eager to reacquaint myself.

Load the project file and click “build”. Unless your version of VS is not compatible with whatever version Mike is using, it should work.

This will show how bad my C/C++ is:

So I have the tads3 source, the tads2 source, the htmltads source and each of those are in its own directory.

When I go into the tads3 source and do a search for main() I find it in a lot of files. What’s a good starting place for me in terms of seeing where program actually starts for the first time? I saw vmcore.cpp, which seems like a good bet. Right now I can’t just load it up because the latest Visual C++ versions don’t recognize the build or project files. (Here I’m not just looking at the Workbench, but the source as a whole.)

Any pointers on where to start would be appreciated. I may be in way, way, way over my head. I’m fine if that’s the case but I’d still like to walk the innards of TADS a little bit.

In the w32 API, the program starts in WinMain(), not main(). htmltads/w32main.cpp might be a good place to start.