Compiling Kerkerkruip 9

Okay Kerkerkruippers, you know who you are. I’ve gone and done it - cloned the Kerkerkruip github repository and tried to compile it in Inform.

I’m counting on you to get me through the next part. I promise I will contribute something, though it may be small…

What gives here?

Is it possible that the directory /Users/mike/i/kerkerkruip/Projects/Kerkerkruip.inform/Index/ is set to read only, or something like that? I’m not certain, but it looks to me as if Inform is trying to create an Index file there and failing.

The ni compiler can get grouchy if the project.inform directory is missing some files that it expects.

A cheap solution is to copy Source/ somewhere, delete Kerkerkruip.inform, create a new Inform project with that name, close the IDE, and copy back into place.

Kerkerkruip’s repository is not very friendly to newcomers. I tried to document the difficulties I had here:

You might find some help there.

Zarf’s tip seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

I’m not sure how that will affect git tracking, but it doesn’t look too bad:

I feel like these things should be reported as bugs. Maybe the problem is the Index folder didn’t exist, but the IDE didn’t think to create it? Even though we don’t want the stuff in Index in git, we could still make it have the folder in git. is already filed.

Everything is working great now except for one thing: the “map” command produces the error “That noun did not make sense in that context.” Is the graphical map disabled in the testing release?

Yes, check the game code in the main code window. You’ll need to enable the Glimmr extension by hand if you want the graphical version. Because compiling with Glimmr is much slower, it’s commented out by default.

We could use this git command to ignore changes in checked in files, meaning we could include the necessary files without then needing to worry about filling the log with junk: "git update-index --assume-unchanged "

I wonder if there’s a way to automatically run it when you clone the repo? If not I can always add it to the README.