Compiler finished with code 10

I am getting this frustratingly vague error in my code. This is an existing project that has grown quite large, and it gives no hints as to what suddenly caused it to come up. One of my co-coders says it compiles fine on their machine, but mine, code 10.

Any ideas?

What OS?

Are you compiling to Glulx or Z-code?

Is it the I7 compiler or the I6 compiler that’s dying? (Or is this a pure I6 project?)

Windows 7
It dies while compiling in the I6, it claims, after finishing I7.

First of all, check that you’ve got the latest version of Windows Inform 7. From the Help menu, select “About” and check that the text reads

Inform 7 for Windows (25th April 2013, 6G60)

If the date or numbers don’t match, get the latest version from and try that - there have been several bugs in the front-end that have been fixed since the initial release of 6G60.

If that doesn’t help, file a bug report at, attach the code needed to rebuild your game, and we’ll have a look.

Alright, I was out of date, and upgraded. Alas, same error. Attaching all the code will prove problematic. This project has become a bit massive, and has over fifty extensions.

You could also email the project (and extensions) to me - my email address is in the BugReport.txt file installed with Windows Inform 7.

I have sent a PM with a link to the code archive’s full .zip download.