Compile AGT troubles

I am currently using AGT. I have the source code but every time I try to compile the PA3 files via COMPILE.PAS I get an Error 71 message- “Internal Stack Overflow.” No tinkering with settings in the files or with the compiler has had any effect.

It is the Turbo PASCAL compiler which uses DOSBox, here is its own info:

Welcome to Turbo Pascal (With DOSBox)
Free compiler and development environment for Pascal
Copyrights (C) 2017-2020. Luu Nguyen Thien Hau.
Free and open-source under the terms of MIT License.
Version 7.3.5

It seems close, but no cigar before the error. So far I’ve simply removed some meta-commands I am not using, but since it WAS compiled elsewhere it must be something I’m doing or don’t know about.

It was suggested I try DOSBox-X, but I just downloaded it and have not yet been able to use that compiler with that other DOSBox.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

A couple of questions:

  1. What version of AGT are you trying to compile?
  2. How much Pascal do you understand? You might be able to ask for debugging help on another, more general-programming-related forum.

Unfortunately, my personal ability to assist is limited since I don’t know Pascal. The AGT section of the IF Archive has quite a few files and I would need to start from the same base as yourself.