Commanding actors in TADS 2

I’ve been looking around for code examples of how to get NPCs to carry out a specific command, i.e. to go in a certain direction or to a specific location, take an object, etc. In my case, I’m looking to have the player be able to command an NPC to take the player to a specific location. For instance, something along the lines of “npc, take me home.”

I’ve looked into TADS 3 from time to time, as it seems it makes it easier to execute such functions, but as a writer (and not a programmer), I find TADS 2 code to be exceedingly readable and easy to construct, whereas TADS 3 seems very “code heavy,” for want of a better description. I had a similar problem learning Inform 7, which ironically uses natural language, but somehow seems much more difficult than TADS 2 to put together a story. Also, I don’t believe TADS 3 is compatible with legacy DOS or Mac systems, whereas TADS 2 interpreters exist for a wide variety of legacy platforms.

I might tackle TADS 3 at some point, but in the meantime, if anyone can enlighten me how to tackle this problem in TADS 2, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I believe you use actorAction() for this in TADS 2. Googling for an example turned up this AIF newsletter with source code excerpts.