Command-line Inform 7 for OSX?

My friend is a new OSX user, coming from Linux, and wants to know if there’s a way to use Inform 7 on OSX through the command line (because she dislikes IDEs). Is there?

I have not tried this myself. However, it should be possible to do this: go to the download page and grab both the MacOS package and the “Command-line for FreeBSD” package. Look in the MacOS package in the Contents/Resources/Compilers subdirectory, pull out the ni and inform6 binaries, and copy them into the FreeBSD distribution in the appropriate location. (Wherever that is.)

Thanks, zarf. I’ve forwarded that information. For anyone else coming to this thread with the same question, this may also be an option: … h_Inform_7 (about using make for the same situation)

If I’m not mistaken, you can just read off the command line copied in the “Progress” tab and run it from the Terminal.