Come to play and vote! : Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone 2023

Today has began the voting period of the French IF competition known as Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone 2023

There are 25 nice games to explore, so if you feel in a real adventurer mood you can take the risk and a dictionary and go there to discover that wonderful community.

I did something like this some days ago and I pressented there a French translation of “Gent Stickman Vs Evil Meat Hand” (Gent Stickman Vs la Méchante Main de Chair). It’s the nice trick of making things without too much text XD

Here is some preview of the games presented:

Come and play! I don’t know French and I did a game! Google Translator is the new “lycée français”! :smiley:


Would you like to add this to IFWiki? The dates would automatically be added to the wiki’s main page.

There is a data entry form here: Form:Event - IFWiki

Some of the previous events have pages already, albeit not with the new event infoboxes: Category:French Minicomp - IFWiki.

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Thank you!

ALSO: the whole list of games has been added to the IFDB ! (if anyone wants to add a review)


Oh thanks for doing that! It usually takes forever to go through each game. I appreciate it!

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Thank you for adding the wiki page. I’ve sorted out a series page at Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone - IFWiki which lists the various years’ competitions.

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In addition to @mathbrush post and @rovarsson post in this forum with reviews of this competition’s games I would like to share here with you a link to a french live video reviewer/player of the games, called MJ_Feldo in twitch:

Twitch MJ_Feldo - Fictions interactives : concours #2

I liked very much this format, as a way to play games communally with the audience, and this could encourage some people who didn’t think about it to vote because they may not have been able to play all the games.

Looking at your game (Gent Stickman Vs Evil Meat Hand [French Edition] in my case) beeing played that way, with many people throwing ideas trough live twitch chat has been a very nice experience.

Let’s see if someone likes this and addopt this format in the English-speaking Comps!


I’ve just reread the welcome-page of the Concours, and a burning question remains:

How long do we have to play and, more importantly, vote?

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They were talking about this in the French Community Discord, and I think it is until 28th February (I think Canadian time).

The votes are not sended from but from a google docs form that has a link in that page.

I think that they didn’t expect so much attention from foreigner communities, and they forgot to publish it in the main page :smiley:


Indeed ! It is now fixed, deadline for the vote is March the 2nd, 2pm (Paris time).

Prize ceremony will be held the same day on twitch at 7pm (Paris time) !


Thanks! That leaves a good amount of time to play at least another half-dozen.

The google docs voting system is actually why I asked. When voting directly on the itch-page of a game, you can just rate and forget. In the google form however, you have to re-enter all your ratings each time you want to add a new game.

Now I’m keeping score on a paper note next to my computer for all the games I’ve played up until now, but I needed to be sure when to send all the votes in one go. That way I don’t have to fill out the entire form each time.

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March the 2nd is the new February the 31th :smiley:


We did not expect so many games, and historically Google Forms is enough for 10 games :slight_smile:

That being said, if you sign in with your google account, answers are saved (you still have to go through the 25 pages though, i will take a look to see if I can improve that)

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Um, I don’t know whether the problem is on my end, but I’m logged in to my google account and my ratings are not saved when I re-open the voting document.

I just checked and rechecked. I had to fill in all my ratings anew for each game I played.

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