Come to Penguicon! Teach new IF authors!

Hello IF writers! I’ve only dipped one toe into your community, and am boggled at everything you’ve got going on.

But you need more people! I’m planning to convene an Inform7-writing hackathon at Penguicon in Michigan in April. I’m imaging a very skeletal framework of a setting, a bunch of complete newbies, and an evening spent gradually fleshing out the setting and maybe even dabbling with plot. Mostly, the point is to get people trying out IF writing in a fun group environment. Penguicon is 1200 SF and open-source software fans, most of whom have never even heard of IF. They’re perfect for drawing in.

It would be kind of nice if one person in the room were actually competent at IF writing, huh? How about you! Penguicon is a ridiculously fun conference that you want to be at anyway.

Me speculating on the hackathon: … xp5JqgjVTU

Thank you!

(Repeating my comment in that thread…)

I was at a Penguicon five years ago. Had fun. I think this year’s spring convention travel budget is already blown on Balticon, however – sorry!