Come to London in November! WordPlay and AdventureX!

I’m helping with WordPlay London, a Festival of Writerly Games, which is happening Sat. Nov 19th at the British Library: … h-library/

AdventureX 2016: The Narrative Games Convention is also happening Nov. 19-20th:

As Azure mentioned here:
this was accidental, but while a bit awkward it gives the international traveler TWO greats reasons to come to London! It’s a feature, not a bug!

I just wanted to set up this thread like we have in previous years in case people wanted to say they’re coming, plan dinners, offer crashspaces (or whatever Londoners call 'em), arrange Sherlock Homes themed tours…

Jim Munroe / /

I’ll be going for Wordplay! Happy to meet up around the Euston area if anyone will be there…

We usually pick a base pub in New Cross near AdventureX, and have an ‘unofficial’ meet on Friday ( 18th) which tends to be people who’ve travelled in looking for something fun to do after they’ve checked into the hotel. This doesn’t tend to be specifically organised but there’s usually enough people about that we find each other, and end up heading to whatever pub we’ve booked for the actual event days.

We then officially book a room there for after AdventureX both days, which is properly advertised and will have a proper start time. Not sure there’s official plans for after Wordplay, but if there aren’t feel free to come and say hi. If there’s interest once we’ve figured out which pub, I’ll update this post. It’s not a very quick trip from the British library to New cross but it’s do-able ( about 30-45 mins)

We have information on WordPlay sessions talks and signup forms for workshops here:

At 6 directly after the event we’re going here (the main level):

Hopefully a bunch of us will head over to the pub in New Cross after to meet up with AdventureX folks!

Could I ask if there’s a schedule for panels/talks anywhere?

Ah great, I’ve enjoyed AdventureX the last few years and am looking forward to checking out Wordplay as well this year.

Still finalizing the details of the schedule Verity, will update on the Facebook event above.

I’m looking forward to checking out AdventureX on Sunday too, Joey!

Hello, are there any problems with going to AdventureX for just the Sunday? The mailouts have talk of
arriving early to get a wristband, but I’ll be spending the Saturday at Wordplay.
EDIT: I got hold of them on Facebook and they said that’s fine, there are different wristbands for Saturday and Sunday (thanks!)

Hi, is anyone interested in meeting in a pub in New Cross, Friday 18th?
In the afternoon say, before it gets too busy?

Schedule up!: … ng-update/

I’m up for a pub meet in New Cross jkj yuio! Will have to leave by 5:30 tho. Email me at!

@jim will contact. thanks.