Combining "-who is not the player" + "-who is not the noun"

I have a text substitution that picks a random person from all the people in the game. It happens when the player asks about something specifically, and the one he/she asks is the noun. It worked for a while like this: [random person who is not noun], because I need it to say a random person who isn’t the one talking. Recently it said “yourself” as a result. I realized that the player qualifies as one of these people. I tried using [random person who is not the noun or the player], but it can’t seem to process both of them. Is there some syntax error I’m not seeing? What should I do to get this working.

When you’re having syntax troubles like this, it’s often easiest to define an adjective that expresses one of your conditions and use that. So in this case you could say:

Definition: a person is other if he is not the player.

and then “A random other person who is not the noun” should work.

Thanks, works really well.