Combination games - genre hybrids

To be even more specific, mine is about CYOA with parser in there. mostly CYOA.

I found a game in parchment called Channel Surfing which also seems to combine the two. not exactly the way I do but it shows serious similarities in certain ways.

How do you know if a game works with two mechanics? not just limited to parser/cyoa, even if it’s two parser types, or two sets.

Check out An Earth Turning Slowly, which came out last year. It’s in Undum but it has verb suggestions and slick drop-down menus.

I have a Pinterest page that shows a lot of unusual, sometimes hybrid interfaces: .

Also AW Freyr’s “Hybrid Choices” extension for I7.

(I’d call it “interface hybrids” or “medium hybrids”. A genre hybrid is something like a sci-fi romance or a historical horror game.)