Combat (EN) - Version 1.1.42 - Finished,but

Hi, all!

Well, finished! In this demo’s final version, you can see very simple methods for parrying your opponent’s blows ( nothing more than increasing the player’s AC ) and running away ( and losing the game ).

Anyway my objectives were achieved : I have learned nany things about Harlowe ( thanks, Greyelf ) and it is now clear that Twine is quite powerful, no longer the very basic system it was. And the fact that you kept following my work for three months was extremely nice and comforting. Many thanks to you all !

But I am somewhat disappointed with the apparent sluggishness of some features. Are there certain things that should be avoided?

Thierry (99.1 KB)

Hi @TVISARL, thanks for this. I am very new to Twine and I liked the use of (link-reveal:) in your file, for revealing extra info on the goblin.


You’re welcome, Giannis :slightly_smiling_face:

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