Combat (EN) - Version 1.1.39

Hi, all!

Apparently, I did it: the end of the demo shows a combat against three kobolds at the same time. Also, I fixed slight bugs in the “Pick Your Weapon” and “His Attack” passages.
But this kind of combat tends to be a bit slooow, probably because JavaScript is interpreted, not compiled. And with arrays and datamaps everywhere… I had not this problem with I7.
Having said that, I see that my basic assumption was correct: with Harlowe’s data structures you have practically the equivalent of I7’s tables.
But for me, the fact that Twine makes no difference between a language’s macros and plain game text is quite a nuisance: I spend an awful lot of time removing unwanted blank spaces and line breaks!

For the future now: I need a menu to give the possibility of choosing the opponent during a combat; also I want to be able to parry an opponent’s blows, as well as to flee if necessary.
And I’ll stop at that, I think; throwing projectiles is trivial: they are just weapons that can’t be used twice.

Ah, yes! I was forgetting: monsters now have a property called “Panic”; if their hit points fall below this level, they flee. And they have another property called “ScoreValue”.

Thierry (98.8 KB)

Hi @TVISARL, thanks for this. I am very new to Twine and I liked the use of (link-reveal:) in your file, for revealing extra info on the goblin.


You’re welcome, Giannis :slightly_smiling_face:

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