Colossal Fund payments sent

I have just posted a batch of PayPal transactions for IFComp Colossal Fund prizes.

If you accepted your CF prize, and you got your PayPal address to Jacqueline before midnight US Eastern time, you should see the transaction in your PayPal account.

If Jacqueline got your address after midnight, don’t worry, I’ll do another batch in a couple of days. If Jacqueline doesn’t have your PayPal address, please send that now!

If you requested your CF prize by check, you should get it in the next week or two. Watch your mailbox.

If you declined your CF prize, we’ll apply that money to next year’s CF fundraiser. Thank you!

And thank you all for your patience. Next year we’re going to try asking everybody for their Paypal address before IFComp starts. That way we can turn this whole process around a lot sooner.


This is just a (belated) public acknowledgement to everyone who added to the fund or organized the distribution (which is nontrivial. I know there was confusion about my email address.) I don’t think any of the competitors do IFComp for the money, so it’s like a bonus to us.

And if the Colossal Fund dried up next year for whatever reason, I would be okay with that. But all the same, just getting the money has (for at least two years in a row) pushed me to buy some stuff I’d put off for a while and figured I’d enjoy, but I didn’t buy it, for whatever reason. I’d like to think I tried new things with my IFComp entry, and so I feel quit comfortable trying new things with the fund money. So it’s about more than just a bank balance.

If there’s a better place to write this, let me know. But I think I’m not the only competitor who is grateful for this.


You’re welcome!

I don’t assume that. There are people out there in IF-land for whom a couple of hundred dollars is – maybe not a life-changing amount of money, but a month-changing amount.


I’ve been money-neutral for a few years, with no savings, so the IFComp money I got usually went to Christmas presents for my son.


@zarf that is good to know – I was also thinking of how Ben Collins-Sussman and Jack Welch chose a lesser prize than the obvious maximum when they won with Rover’s Day Out, because they didn’t need the money, and that spirit hasn’t changed. But I hadn’t considered your specifics as well. I guess I’ve seen communities where people have had dust-ups over cash-prize competitions/offers that should’ve been fun, and I wasn’t surprised that didn’t happen here.

@mathbrush wow, yeah, that’s neat. Maybe the IFTF should share stories like yours to help fundraising if they aren’t already. (I haven’t checked.) With permission of course!

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