Colossal Fund 2022!

I have donated to the IFTF’s Colossal Fund INSTEAD of having enough money in PayPal for Return to Monkey Island, so there better be some monkeys and some secrets and some islands in the entries this year!!

Hit the “Donate with PayPal” link on the IFComp Website to donate!

I will, of course, have Return to Monkey Island, my donation inadvertently put my account at exactly $23.99 which is one dollar shy where I could have just hit the button… :expressionless:

[Edit to correct donation website URL link]


You should set up a donation website.

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I actually did get the game - I just haven’t signed into Steam for so long I had to do several rounds of “Click the pictures with chimneys” and PayPal makes it really easy to make a payment from multiple accounts I’ve discovered.

I assume you were joking about a donation website for me and not IFComp; of course you can donate to the Colossal Fund at IFComp online!


Thanks for the reminder, Hanon. I had previously gotten as far as tweeting at other people about the IF Fund, but only just gave myself last night!