Colors in Status Line; Show Up in IDE, Not in Quixe

Basically I’m using something similar to what I see in Bronze. I basically have the following:

[code]Table of User Styles (continued)
window style name background color
all-grid-windows special-style-1 “#FF0000

Table of Fancy Status
left central right
" [current score]" “” “[top rose]”
“” “[current location]” “[middle rose]”
" [visited rooms]" “” “[bottom rose]”

To say red reverse:
say special-style-1.[/code]
Then I show the directions like this:

To show direction (way - a direction) for (place - a room): if way is north, say "[if the place is unvisited][red reverse][end if]N [default letters]";
When I play this in the Inform 7 IDE, the directions are colored on the status line if the room in that direction has not been visited. (Again, similar to Bronze.)

However, when I create a browser version in Quixe, the colors do not appear. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Parchment, but I can’t use that because I need Glulx.

Is there something I’m missing about how to configure Quixe to use those colors in the status line?

Hmm. Okay, now I know I’m doing something wrong; but I don’t know what. It’s not just colors; my images aren’t showing up either. Or, rather, my one image. I have:

[code]Figure of TesterStories is the file “TesterStories.png” (“TesterStories”).

The graphics window is a graphics g-window.
The graphics window is spawned by the sidebar.

The position of the graphics window is g-placeabove.
The measurement of the graphics window is 120.
The scale method of the graphics window is g-fixed-size.

When play begins:
open the graphics window.

Rule for refreshing the graphics window:
follow the draw the title rule.

This is the draw the title rule:
clear the graphics window;
draw the Figure of TesterStories in the graphics window.[/code]
I do have code for the “draw the figure …” statement.

This works fine in the IDE. I have a little window with my figure showing up.

However, in Quixe (doing a full release) I see no image at all. The graphic window is there and it appears there’s nothing in it but a white image, which has the name “download.png” if I try to save it. That image is not the same width and height of my TesterStories.png image. Further, if I try adding this:

Every turn: display the Figure of TesterStories.
I see space allocated for the image, but nothing shows up.

I do have “Bind up into a Blorb file on release.” Finally, if I play the story in Gargoyle the images show up just fine.

So I’m totally confused on how I get the browser experience to match the IDE and Gargoyle.

If it’s a matter of a Glulx story file displaying correctly in the IDE but not in Quixe, my guess is that you need to add your custom text styles to the glkote.css file (which is generated automatically when you “release along with an interpreter,” if I recall correctly). See “.Style_user1” and “.Style_user2” at the end of this style sheet.

I don’t know about the image.

Ah. Okay, that’s … interesting, to say the least. I appreciate the pointer; adding my color code to .Style_user1 did fix the color problem.

I was hoping doing something with the image would also work, using “.GraphicsWindow canvas” but no such luck.

If you are using Flexible Windows, you can assign a given window a rock number, and then use that number to refer to it in CSS. There’s an example in the Rock Numbers section of the Flexible Windows docs.

I don’t know whether that’ll solve your problem, though. I haven’t done much with images.

Thanks, I’ll take a look as I am using Flexible Windows. So far, I’ve found information about resourcesmap.js and using image_info_map and various other things. None of which (so far) have worked, but I could also be doing it wrong.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really ready for prime-time; I’ll be using this in a classroom setting and this will be a bit too cumbersome to be dealing with each time.