Coloratura Twine version release

It’s that lull before the IF Comp storm, so how about instead of chewing off your thumbs in anticipation, you sate your boredom by playing a game that you’ve already played?

Coloratura is hot off the presses with a tentacled Twine release. Still in beta since I’m the only one who’s looked at the port so far, so if you find any bugs, please(!) let me know; this is supposed to be my IF-noob-friendly version. Also, I’d appreciate any feedback on the pacing of the new format: I did my best to maintain the original feel. This is my first foray into that Twine stuff, and I’d love thoughts on how it all feels. Thanks!

Oh wow, thats a super fantastic idea! I’d love more twine ports of my favorite parser games.

I feel like some basic CSS would add a lot to it, the tiny default links in Twine are kinda annoying. Maybe remove text-decoration too, get rid of the sidebar…but this is just my personal aesthetic talking…

Oh, those definitely sound like good ideas. It’s been a long time since I’ve messed with any CSS though (and I’m especially uncertain about how it interacts with Twine). Are there any good guides on how to do those things?

And thanks, I’m glad you like the idea! It was an interesting challenge trying to tweak the game so that it worked in hypertext.

Edit: I asked the Google and found an answer. I feel so hax0r. :3

Amazing! Haven’t gotten to look at it in detail yet but certainly shall. Really cool that you did this.

Iiiiinteresting. Feels like a very, very different experience from the parser version thus far. I’ll be mulling this one over.

I’m definitely looking for feedback and ways to tweak it. So if there are places it didn’t feel it connected, or didn’t work, or didn’t work like you originally thought it did, I’d be super interested to hear about it before I do a broader launch (i.e. on my resume) of the finished game.

I think that, ultimately, a perfect Twine adaptation would have focused more on emotional-manipulation puzzles, with different paths leading to different outcomes, and while I didn’t want to spend the time completely rewriting the game, I think the what’s there now may have moved a bit in that direction.

I’m looking forward to trying this. Sad to say, I still haven’t found time to play beyond the intro of the parser version…

Before you begin working with the CSS (and I agree with Porpentine that you should), you might also want to switch to using the SugarCube story format. This will give you saved games–including autosaves–for little effort. SugarCube has lots of other great features as well, but built-in save functionality is really nice.

I just barely dipped into the beginning of this and it looks quite awesome. I like that it doesn’t feel I can lawnmower. I’ll be playing this at work during my breaks for sure!

I also like that the text formats to be readable on a phone. How on earth did you accomplish that? (I’m sure CSS or HTML skills instead of the default Sugarcane layout that doesn’t scale for phones…)

Okay, so I felt a little bit like removing the parser commands removed some humanization to the game: you don’t get to type familiar things like “look” or “talk to” and it upset the emotional balance a bit too much. So I’ve readjusted with some small tweaks to how you first interact with the humans. Also fixed a few bugs / typos. If anyone else sees a typo or thinks a scene feels off, I’m definitely interested to hear. :slight_smile:

And Hanon, all I did was strip out the side GUI, and set the font size to 1.5em. Maybe that was enough?

.passage {font-size: 1.5em;} #sidebar {display: none;} #passages {border-left: 0;} #ui-bar {display: none;}

Oh wow this seems so great! I’ve just started and I think it DOES have a very similar feel, mood-wise to the IF version.

This is great because I’ve told so many friends about Coloratura who are intrigued but then just can’t wrap their heads around playing IF. Too open-ended, too unsure that they are indeed making progress. This is what I’m going to send them.

Thanks for checking it out, everyone!

I did some more tweaks, better framing later interactions with Mercy, and cleaned up a bug where Assister could be missing from the Med Bay. It should be relatively solid now. (Ship it!)