Color of the status bar

So. ZCode games have a status bar with the colors inverted. I want to put a minimap in the status bar, in the style of the Automap extension, except custom (truly, this minigame continually strives to make Inform do things it shouldn’t!). I have the map all drawn up the way I want it.

Trouble is that the characters look funny with the colors inverted. For instance, I’d much rather the player’s location be a green dot on a white background than a white dot on a green background (the complexity of the information on my map requires colors). Is there a way to keep the status bar from inverting the color? If not, is there another way to “dock” the map at the top, since redrawing it every turn (or whenever something happens) is ungainly?

It’s just a convention that the status bar is inverted. You can actually change the background colour to anything you like, just as you would for the main menu.