collecting presents! Help!

I want to have a game with presents. When you have collected all the presents, you win! How can I do that?

Even better, is there a way to have it so that once you have put all the presents around a tree (dropped them in the same room as it) you win?

Thank you!

[code]“Santa” by Chin Kee Yong

The North Pole is a room. “Ah, the source of all Christmas cheer! Timmy’s house lies to the south.”
Timmy’s House is south of the North Pole. “This bare Christmas tree deserves to be festooned with presents, don’t you think?”
The Christmas tree is scenery in Timmy’s House.

A present is a kind of thing. The red present, the blue present, and the striped present are presents in the North Pole.

Before reading a command when all the presents are in Timmy’s House (this is the victory condition rule):
say “Splendid! Now little Timmy will know the joy of Christmas!”;
end the story saying “Ho ho ho”.[/code]