Collaborative work on Twine

Hello everyone,

We are two people who want to work on an interactive fiction but we’re working on two different computers from different places. How could we be working simultaneously on the same document? The online version doen’t seem to allowed it, is their a way on Parsec. Does anyone hase a solution to work remotely on the same story ?

thank you

Hi, and welcome to the forum @baudrillard666!

A few weeks ago Grim Curio and I released a Twine game called Excalibur. We’d been working on it together for a few years, and prior to that I’d been working with another author called Duncan Bowsman.

I’m afraid our solution to the problem was not very sophisticated. For the most part we alternated weekly, packaging up the project with all its multimedia in a zip file and emailing it back and forth. We also made use of Google Documents. We’d make a changelog every time listing which passages we’d worked on and any changes to the CSS or Javascript.

Towards the end we built a testing page on itch and uploaded the files there, and you may well find that works better for you. For the most part we did not run into many version control problems, but we did get a few towards the end when we were hurrying to get it done in time for Spring Thing.

Of course this method meant we couldn’t both work on the file at the same time, so whichever one of us didn’t have custody of the file would work in text files that could be copied into Twine later.

This is probably not what you wanted to hear, and I’m sure there are better ways, but it worked for us, and we got there in the end!

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Yeah, Twine isn’t designed for collaborative work, unfortunately.

I did see that Cyrus Firheir’s Twee 3 Language Tools extension for Visual Studio Code now has a story map view. So…it would take some setup and there would be a learning curve, but you could use that instead of the Twine editor and use conventional version control tools to share your changes.

I wrote a short set of instructions on setting up Tweego and VS Code.

And…hmm…this article about version control with Git in VS Code doesn’t look too bad, though I’m not sure it has all the details a beginner would need.


I recommend Twee script and MoonEdit (my friend asm-patched windows version with some goodies). It’s not VSCode, doesn’t have Twee syntax highlight but it’s snappier.