Are there places where IF authors can meet specifically to ask for or offer help in writing games?

The only site I had bookmarked – … tlist.html – looks out-of-date, and the other site linked from there is dead.

No specific places, but you could always post a message on the forum asking about it.

There’s this:

This is the only semi-official page I know of (I’m the current maintainer, although I don’t do much maintaining). It just doesn’t seem to get much use, even after announcements (the last of which was a long time ago). I think collaboration is more likely to evolve from discussions, rather than a posting to the IFCollab list.

Thanks for the link to the wiki. I know I’m a little dense at times, but I had looked there the other day for just such a list but didn’t find one. Where is the link off the main page?

I don’t think there is a link off the main page, but it’s on the community portal page.

Wait, no. I thought it used to be. Hmm… I don’t know where I saw it, now.

I should probably post more about it, and more often. I just kind of hate to say “hey, come use the collaborator’s list, even though it doesn’t seem to be all that great at getting collaborations started…”

Maybe a more reasonable suggestion is to chat with people on ifMUD and see whether there’s someone else interested in your project, or to contact individual people you know from the community who seem like they might want to work with you.

OK, I just logged on to IFMud for the first time and checked out the channels. Nothing strictly for collaboration leaped out at me, so, what’s the general protocol, do people ask on the language-specific channels? Or is there a better channel to ask on?

There’s not a collaboration channel, but you could try chatting with people and seeing whether anyone seemed interested in doing the kind of game you want to do. (You could do this on a language-specific channel if you have strong preferences, but just talking in the lounge or on #craft or #wip would work too.)