Coliloquy article

Interesting article about the multiple choice game publisher Coliloquy and the data they gather on reader choices: … re/263074/

If they were really interested in “this idea of narrative and gaming,” why didn’t they come talk to us? :frowning: This is probably good news for the prospect of IF breaking into mainstream, but it feels like a slight to the IF community that one of our own multiple-choice platforms isn’t getting the spotlight. We haven’t been watching the weather, waiting for the day when interactivity will be sellable; we’ve lived for the idea of interactive narratives when they were a joke.

The IF community doesn’t have a monopoly on the legacy of interactive narrative, Bainespal. Certainly not of CYOA, which has not generally been central to what we think of as IF, modern trends notwithstanding.

To me this looks like a pretty narrow profile of the way that one company does it. A pretty lazy style of journalism, sure, but I dunno if it’s aiming to represent the entire field.

I’m always amused by articles that ramble about someone who’s getting back the “old text adventures” or the “old CYOAs”. I understand our community may be a lil bit obscure to the larger audience, but we are—after all—just one google-y away.

Anyway, I recently heard there is even a funny Competition with text adventures in it. Yes! Infocom style! Parser based!
You can find it here.

Hey guys,

Waynn from Coliloquy here! My cofounder Lisa and I have been really excited at how technology can be used to create more compelling stories, which was our entire reason for starting our company. :slight_smile: I still remember playing King’s Quest and Police Quest way back when, so we definitely know we didn’t invent interactive fiction. And we’re always looking for feedback so feel free to email me at with any questions or comments.

Wow, thanks for posting. I apologize.

I think interactivity can help tell stories more compellingly, and I think we’re still trying to figure out how that relates to the fiction industry. I will be interested in learning more about your format and techniques, as well as about your multiple-choice titles.

To be clear, I don’t think anybody’s blaming you for any problems we might have with the article.