Coding clickable Images for SugarCube2.36.1

Twine Version: 2 Sugarcube2.36.1
Hey people,
I’ve creating a non-linear narrative with sugarcube 2.36.1 and I’m having some trouble with the coding for a clickable image that links to another passage. I’m using desktop images and that’s all good. I’m just not sure of how to add the right code to make the existing image a link.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Might want to look at this: How do I create a passage link via clicking on a picture? - Twine Q&A

You can do it with the <img> and <a> HTML provided in the answer there or with Sugarcube’s native image markup (also linked in the Q&A).


Thanks so much. I haven’t worked with any code since about 1999, so I’m a tad rusty. To say the least.

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Can also be done with the link macro:

<<link '<img src = "URL">' "Passage">><</link>>
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