Code, code, and more code! My life in code

I’ve been reading old computer software magazines, reading the old as,
and venturing in the old adventure games. Though, I wrote a short
game based on the Twilight Zone episode, A stop at Willoughby. It really
got the ole juices flowing. So I’m sorta reworking or you can say I’m
doing a reworking on the old 1988 Twilight Zone game by Front Row.
There was always something about that game though it’s good, feels
a tad bit rushed. Now, I’m venturing into an odd area. Lately, I’ve
been all over the place with “Invasion Adventure” and now this. So,
far I must of written over 2600 lines of code, which is no small feet.
But, I must get back to the grindstone, it’s finally cooling off outside,
and now I can head back to the garage.

Keep copying those floppies.