Code after **you have won** text?

I currently have code like this for beta testers. I want them to see it on solving the game, so that I can ask them specific questions that could spoil things if asked too early:

after killing the big foozle:
	if the player has the magic charm that prevents them from getting killed:
		end the story finally;
		end the story;
	if beta-test is true, ask-beta-notes;

to ask-beta-notes:
	say "Hey, great work getting to the end! I appreciate your commitment.";
	say "Here are some questions that would've maybe spoiled things even if I put them in ROT13. So I wanted to ask now.";
	say "Was it too hard to find the hidden door in the closet?";
	say "(should I implement difficulty levels or a new initial puzzle, etc.)";

This is certainly more than adequate! However, I was wondering if there was something like so:

volume beta stuff - stuff that goes in the beta-testers' version, which I can compile outside the IDE

report ending the story in victory or defeat:
	say "Hey, great work getting to the end! I appreciate your commitment. (Etc.)";

My crude try of “report ending the story” failed because it isn’t really an I7 activity.

This would be ideally simple and avoid futzing if I changed what you need for the best ending. It would also relieve worries of the code leaking into a release version.

Is this doable? Inform 6-based solutions are welcome, too. Thanks!

This is kind of a hack, but can you just piggy-back on the scoring functionality? If you’re already using it in the game, it might be more complex (since you’d need to add the beta-specific questions on to the end of the score-reporting code, rather than just substituting it out entirely), but otherwise I think it’s an easy way of getting what you’re after:

Volume Beta Stuff

use scoring.

The chatty final score rule is listed instead of the print final score rule in for printing the player's obituary.

This is the chatty final score rule: 
	say "Hey, great work getting to the end! I appreciate your commitment. (Etc.)"
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Wow, this is a nice one! I’ll leave the topic open for other solutions for a bit, but I like this a lot, because I checked, and it also works with “use no scoring.”

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Glad it’s helpful! That’s interesting that it still works with “use no scoring” – maybe the toggle is checked within the print final score rule, so just replacing it wholesale like this means that option no longer does anything? I’ve never actually used scoring, and I’m not nearly savvy enough to dig into the underlying Inform 6 routine :slight_smile:

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