code 1 error

I have been editing a game for several hours, and what I am doing is really quite pedestrian–I am adapting the game, using Eric Eve’s Epistemology. All I am really doing–other than streamlining rules and routines–is adding ‘thoughts’ to pertinent items in the game, as a means of including in-game hints. Of course, quite a number of those thoughts are modified by text substitutions, so that the thoughts would change to reflect the circumstances. I haven’t done any testing of anything I’ve changed yet, I didn’t feel I needed to yet, because all I’ve done today was edit quoted text, thoughts, etc. (I think). Finally I’ve decided to do a little testing of a certain area, so I clicked ‘Go’. It seemed to compile like normal, and the ‘success’ screen popped up. But then a ‘Translating the Source - Failure’ screen appeared, saying it was a Code 1 error. I am tearing my hair out trying to figure out what I did, because up to today, the game compiled without a problem–which makes me doubt that it had to do with E. E.'s extension (the error report mentions that some interaction with an extension may be at fault). Or was it something I did with the ‘thoughts’–could I have over-complicated the text substitutions (some of the ‘thoughts’ change 5-6 times)??


The easiest way to stumble into a compiler crash is to put the wrong punctuation on an if statement.

I’m not sure what else to suggest other than commenting out blocks of code. If you’re using source control, you can go back to earlier versions and see where the error turned up.

It’s always wise to compile frequently.

Thanks, Zarf. It’s entirely possible that I did something like that. You know, I just now realized that I may have left some markers in the code–sometimes I type [///] where I leave off, if I’m going to take a break, and don’t bother to remove it, and I may have left off the brackets.

I just looked and that’s precisely what I did. And it was immediately after an Instead rule with an ‘if’. Now it compiles perfectly.

Thank you so much.