.CNV file with inform DOS game?

i want to play a horror IF and found a page at IFDB listing some Lovecraftian games. one of the games i decided to start of with since a. it was the first game on the list and b. it was made by infocom so it has to be pretty good was lurking horror. i found a copy online since i don’t know where i would get a more official copy but the copy i got games with the FROTZ engine (i did not worry to much since i know gargoyle can read the older dos dat files) but one of the files was alien to me which was a CNV which seems to be the same size as the .dat file so i am wondering what it is and if it matters for the game. here is the magic signature if that helps find info:

00000016 00B6007A 00550620 20E600BC 00100000 000C010E 00000621 59D20000

The Lurking Horror page on IFDB has a link to “Salvaged Copy” (https://github.com/historicalsource/lurkinghorror) which is the easiest way to find a Z-code file. (On the historical source page, select COMPILED, then h1.z3, then hit the download button.)

I’m not sure what CNV is. Something to do with converting the old Infocom sound data into a more modern format.