Climbing to the tree

What is the correct syntax for this:

Garden is a room.
Tree is a room.
Climb is a verb.
Understand climbing to the tree as going to the room tree.
Understand climbing down from tree as going to the room garden.

Try: [code]Garden is a room.
A tree is an open, not openable scenery door, above Garden.
Treetop is above the tree.

Understand “climb to/up [the tree]” as climbing when the location is Garden.
Understand “climb down from [the tree]” and “climb down [the tree]” as climbing when the location is Treetop.

Instead of climbing the tree, try entering the tree.
Understand “climb [a direction]” as going.[/code]If you have a lot of climbable connections between rooms, it would be worth replacing this with something more systematic.

edit: Whoops! Nice catch, Felix

It would seem that you need

Understand "climb [direction]" as going.

rather than

Instead of climbing a direction, try going the noun.

My Supplemental Actions extensions should handle any climbing action sufficiently.