(click: ?Page) acting odd?

I’m not exactly sure what to say for this one. I want to include a “click anywhere to continue” in my game. But unfortunately, it adds a strange blue highlight around the screen, which I don’t like. And every time the page updates with a certain colour background, it momentarily goes white and looks like it glitches before refreshing.

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It would be easier to reply if you could provide whatever code you already tried.

The “coloured outline” that is added to the “story” area of the page whenever a (click: ?Page) macro call is being used in the Passage being visited is caused by the following CSS Rule used by Harlowe…

.enchantment-clickblock>:not(tw-enchantment)::after {
    box-shadow: inset 0 0 0 .5vmax;

Adding the following CSS Rule to your project’s Story > Stylesheet area will suppress that outline…

.enchantment-clickblock > :not(tw-enchantment)::after {
    box-shadow: none;

We would need to know how you are currently applying a custom background colour to the Passage, before we can determine why you are briefly seeing the default background colour after a Passage Transition.

But the most likely cause is that whatever method you are using to applying the custom background isn’t taking into consideration that Harlowe uses a two phase rendering process when displaying the content of the next Passage being visited.

eg. during the 1st phase the default background is being shown, and during the 2nd phase that default background colour is being replaced by your custom colour.

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That first click bit works, thanks!

For next bit, I just fixed it by turning an enchant into a change. It’s good now!