Classic Text Adventures Podcast.

A podcast dedicating to the genre of text adventures or interactive fiction. Whatever you like to call them.
So far, it’s been about the old retro classic and well. It would be awesome to have you guys listen.

Any spoilers?

I am so excited for this! Thank you – I’m going to listen this week.

Just a side note – I checked and they’re downloadable on iTunes via the podcast app. Just search for the name of the podcast. I was able to subscribe and download the 4 episodes, so I’ll listen this afternoon.

Yeah I don’t post spoilers but my next episode is going to be on modern IF games.

Would be great if you continued to improve the production quality. Yeah, it sucks to be sick and coughing and apologizing for coughing. So it would be nice to edit that stuff out.

I think new podcasters don’t always realize how much editing goes into a standard podcast. Usually quite a bit (even in the multi-person ones that seem real time).

It’s totally ok to cut parts out.

New episode out now

Just noticed this and I definitely want to keep tabs on it. Even with us having RSS, I suspect people will be glad to see the occasional update notice here, or more.

Why thank you. I’d like to thank all of you for listening to my show.

Episode 8 of the podcast is up for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it so
turn off the lights and enjoy a dive into the darkness that is horror text adventures.
Upon this month known as October. … -of-horror

Episode 10 of my most excellent podcast is up now. … d-my-mummy

Even though nobody watched it, editing the stuff out radically improves the listening experience of someone talking about stuff, and my old show Wes Lesley Plays is an example there. Everything done before Fez was on the fly, from Fez on it got editing and subtitles and the tender loving care it needed.

Totes recommend audacity.

Fantastic tool. I use it all the time.

Does anyone know if this series is archived somewhere?

The Internet Archive only has one (relevant) snapshot, from 2015, with three episodes: Classic Text Adventures

But it looks like there were quite a number more episodes: