Class inheritance diagram?

Many years ago, I recall someone created a graphical picture of the class inheritance tree for adv3. I can’t currently find it on the web – can someone point me in the right direction?


I’m pretty sure Eric Eve was involved in that (with Marni Parker was it?), so if he doesn’t see this thread I’d say give him a holler.

Well, it was the other way round. Marnie was working on a TADS 3 guide a couple of years back, and I dimly recall it might have included some class inheritance diagrams, and I was providing some help and advice, but as I recall she gave up on the project some time ago, and I have no idea if her web pages for it are still available. Marnie’s IF pages are at and I can’t see any mention of it there. I suspect it may no longer exist (and even if it did it’d be a bit out of date by now, though perhaps not enough to matter).

I’m afraid I don’t have any access to any class diagrams Marnie may have created, so I can’t really be much help.

My digital hoarding is vindicated once more! I should point out, though, the file hasn’t been modified since June 2007 so I don’t know how up to date it is. Also I have no idea who originally created it or where I got it. (80.1 KB)

That’s exactly the one I remembered! Thank you for your hoarding tendencies :slight_smile:

You can use reflection to generate a current inheritance tree. You can use object.getSuperclassList() to lookup roots, you just need to make a reverse lookup table to get children. Any suggestions for how to format it? (11 KB)

graphviz is a good tool for generating tree pictures.