Clarifying the parser's choice?

I would like to suppress all parser clarification messages in my game. 17.28 of the manual shows how to do this for actions involving one noun–easy peasy. Is there any way to make it work for actions involving more than one noun?

Yes, it seems that the Clarifying The Parser’s Choice activity only runs when the command has a single noun.

Since you want to get rid of such clarifications wholesale, you can disable the I6 function that runs the activity (I don’t think that this function is involved in anything but printing the clarification, but I can’t be positive—anyway, someone is sure to say so, if the following is a severely bad idea).

Include (-
Replace PrintInferredCommand;

[ PrintInferredCommand; ];
-) before “Parser.i6t”.
[/code](The above replaces the standard PrintInferredCommand I6 function with one that doesn’t do anything.)

Nah, that’s safe. It’s only called from the one spot in the parser and it has no side effects.

Thank you both for the help! It all seems to be working well.