Clarifying the parser's choice

I like being able to supply a “rule for clarifying the parser’s choice” of something, but there seem to be a lot of parser messages that this doesn’t cover. For example, I don’t think it affects the second noun. I think there may be other cases too (sometimes I’ve seen the parser write out the whole action including the verb). Is there any way to get at these?

Rule for clarifying the parser's choice of the lawnmower:
    Do nothing.

Duh. This particular case was caused by one of my own rules. Damn.

We’ve all done it. And will do it again.

But don’t you hate it when it happens, and you realize you did it to yourself? Then you have to figure out which is more important, and/or how to reword things so they all still work the way you intended them to.

That’s part of the fun… I think. :wink: