City of Secrets Hint Request

Hello all! I’m new to this forum, but not to IF, and I’ve been reviewing on IFDB for a while.

I am stuck a little way into Emily Short’s game City of Secrets, and I can’t find walkthroughs or hints anywhere, so I’ve come running here. :smiley: I’m spoilering my question below, just in case, though I don’t think it’s too spoilery.

I’m in the stage area of the Old Vic in the Malta District, with the fire, rain cloud and tornado. I’ve been told that “the word is under the fire”, but I can’t figure out a way to see under the fire, move it or put it out, and I’m loath to leave without solving this. How does one solve this issue? I have the pendant, if that helps, but I’m not sure what it’s good for.

Thanks for your help! If it’s obvious and I’ve just missed something, I apologize.

~ IcyChoc

In order of increasing explicitness:

The fire is a stage illusion, but it’s designed to behave “realistically” with the other stage props.

It’s possible to put out the illusion fire with the illusion rain cloud.

Of course, you can’t take the rain cloud directly.

Can you see something else that might be projecting or causing the cloud?

There should be a cube (or similar – it’s been long enough that I can’t remember exactly what it’s called in-game) under the rain cloud. Try moving that onto the fire.

There are a few hints on that page.

Thanks so much! slaps forehead I saw the cube, but my mind didn’t make the connection. Now back into it! By the way, congratulations on writing such a great game. I love the conversation system.

Eriorg, thanks for that link! I’m sure I’ll need hints again, so it’ll be very handy.