Chrome App Launcher - overriding the default settings

I’ve just bought one of the games off the Choice of Games website and now have it running in the Chrome App Launcher - which is remarkably bland and unappealing. I don’t see a single customisation option anywhere. Have I missed them? Is there a simple command I need to use to change the default settings? Right now, I’m stuck with an ugly font on a grey background with no option to change either.

I don’t think there’s a way to customize the font. But it’s supposed to be a standard Palatino font, a web standard that may not be to everyone’s taste, but which I’d hardly call ugly.

What operating system are you using? Send a screen shot to

I use Windows 7. I’ve tried changing the font settings in Chrome but it hasn’t made any difference in the App Launcher, and I can’t find an option to change the colour at all.

Indeed, the colors and font are not configurable. :frowning:

I still wouldn’t call Palatino “ugly,” (at least it’s not Comic Sans!) but I notice that your Windows has enabled a “Larger Fonts” setting that zooms everything about 150%; that seems to accentuate the weaknesses in Palatino on Windows. You could turn off “Larger Fonts,” I suppose, but then you’d have to play Deathless with a really small font, which you would not be able to configure!

I think I’ll probably just wait for it coming out on my Kindle.

I emailed you a workaround.

Deathless is already available on Kindle Fire, but the E-Ink Kindle version is, ah, probably not forthcoming. … k-readers/