Choose your own CaveVenture

For the Kerkerkruip fans,

If you have an account on the forum there, it might be worth pointing out that calling it Choose Your Own CaveVenture is kind of begging for trademark grief.

Choose your own is fine, right? But CaveVenture is cutting it a bit fine.

Cavey Crush Saga?

Remember the other brands back in the day? Twist-a-Plot and Find-Your-Fate? I like the term “twist-a-plot” a lot.

A Which Way Book. Pick Any Path. A What-Do-I-Do-Now Book. Date with Destiny. Choose Your Destiny. Choose Your Boyfriend. Chooseomatic. A Do-Over Novel.

(Some of these are… of rather more recent vintage.)

Choose Your Boyfriend?? I thought they shut that website down!

Assuming this is Windows-only? It feels like it’s been a little while since I ran across an indie developer posting a link to a .zip without bothering to mention which platform it ran on. I did not miss it.

EDIT: Yup, Windows.

If you’re feeling adventurous you probably could decompile the Python source to your platform.

I did see something about compiling Python! I guess I should stop whining, although it may take me a while to figure out what that means – download the .exe, run it through a python decompiler, run the resulting .py through a python compiler? Would I need to know more than a tiny bit of how to use the command line?

I haven’t done it myself so I’m not sure. The dev used cx freeze it looks like to create the exe; reading some Stackoverflow questions it looks like you can disassemble the bytecode but I don’t know what tools are available to get that back to a source you could interpret on your non-Windows platform.

So, I’ll amend my post – if you’re feeling adventurous, you could ask the dev to release the Python source :slight_smile:

Hi, said dev here. The current version is for windows, as the little windows-logo next to the .zip indicates. We are however working on a standalone-version for Linux (the coder-half of our duo is actually making the game code on a Linux machine but for our first actual release we wanted to go for a standalone-version and he did Windows first). As the Linux-version is somewhat high on our list of priorities for the next version, it will probably done within a few days.

Ah, I see it now! It even says “download for windows” when I hover over it. Anyway, I definitely understand why you’d want to do WIndows first.

Hey, Linux-version added. Also key-configurations, monster-health-status, and rest-until-healed.

Have fun