Choice tricks of the trade

Oh, I’ll try to be around for it.

My trick I’ve been working on is a $loc variable for location and one main passage the player is always in. The main passage displays a “header” passage for every turn logic, then displays the $loc passage and then possibly a “footer” passage. That way I can make a clock run or check hit points without copying code everywhere.

That sounds like a good way of simulating world exploration and stuff. My thoughts are that it would be helpful if in a system you could ‘sticky’ a passage so that it would always re-evaluate and appear before the actual passage being visited.

If you’re using Twine, the Sugarcube environment does a lot of this. If I remember correctly, there’s a “PassageReady” and a “PassageDone” that are consulted automatically before and after printing the passage.

Sugarcube to the rescue! I wonder why Sugarcube isn’t like the basis of Twine 2. Not to knock other headers, it just seems to be a swiss army knife for doing interesting things with Twine.