Checkpoint - Unreleased Infocom Game - 1985 - Stu Galley

Hi guys, today we take a look at the game Checkpoint from 1985 which was Stu Galleys unreleased game. To quite the Digital Antiquarian "He struggled for six months with Checkpoint, almost as long as it took some Imps to create a complete game, before voluntarily shelving it: “The problem there was that the storyline wasn’t sufficiently well developed to make it really interesting. I guess I had a vision of a certain kind of atmosphere in the writing that was rather hard to bring off.” " We have a quick play of the game and then have an equally quick look at some of the source code!

You can download it here (ready and compiled just for you!) :…

So - i’d made 8 previous attempts to record this video, mucking them all up royally. I decided to give it one more go, a number of things happen that didn’t go to plan even with this version but I just decided to go with it !!

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