Checkpoint: Communism in 1989

I’m announcing the release of a game now posted on the IF Archive and IFDB:


This fiction is set in Grovlia, a country in Eastern Europe. 1989 has been a difficult year in Grovlia. Cracks are starting to appear in the edifice of socialism built up over decades. Protesters look to the west with longing and demand reform or escape. The Committee for People’s Security stands as a last barricade to the flood of new ideas. In the capital of Berthast, the way to the west is still surveyed by the towers and guards of the checkpoint.

The player will take on the role of an agent in the Committee for People’s Security. Extreme caution is warranted since any false moves can earn the player a trip to a local labour camp.

IFDB entry
IF Archive download

Any feedback is welcome!


Sounds good… I hope to have time for playtesting in the future, but at the moment basically all of my time is claimed (given that when I have free time I’m also trying to get a pretty large game completed in time for this year’s comp…) Good luck…

No problem, thanks and good luck!