Checking if a text ends in a period

Is it possible to check if a text ends in a period without using indexed text?

Maybe it’s silly, but I’m aiming for a no-indexed-text game.

I’d like to do something like this:

Rule for writing a paragraph about a person (called P): Say "[initial appearance of P]"; if the initial appearance of P ends in a period: Say " [He's-She's-It's for P] "; otherwise: Say " is "; Follow the behavior of P;
(where behavior is a person-based rulebook that says what P is doing right now)

It’s not really necessary, but I didn’t like the way the initial appearance of every person looked when it ended in “is” or “He’s”.

I can’t argue with the no-indexed-text game – I’ve done my last few that way.

However, the only other way to determine what’s in a string is to write some I6 print it to an array. That’s easy, but it’s essentially recreating some of the indexed-text mechanism for a specific task.

Since you’re trading off game speed for programming effort anyway, you might as well define a separate property:

  A person can be initial-appearance-periodic.

Then apply this property to any person whose initial appearance ends with a period. You’ll have to keep that in sync by hand, of course.

Sounds like the easiest thing is to put the appropriate verb at the end of every initial appearance. Or at the beginning of every behavior rule.

That will work too.