Checking for Player in ConversationState?

Quick question: is there a (hopefully simple) way to check if the Player Character is engaged in a conversation?

I know NPCs themselves have test-for-able InConversationStates and whatnot, but suppose you wanted to flag something based on whether the player was currently talking to somebody, anybody? Is there a method/property that handles this?

I haven’t double checked this, but it looks to me like you should be able to check gPlayerChar.conversed this turn to test whether the player character is currently engaged in a conversation and gPlayerChar.lastInterlocutor to test who the Player Character is conversing with. The comments in the library code suggest that this mechanism is symmetrical, i.e. that the appropriate properties are set on both parties to a conversation.

– Eric

Thanks, Eric. :smiley: I was able to use them to make a quick custom method that does what exactly what I need. :slight_smile: