Character Customization Help

Twine Version: 2.3.9
Story Format: SugarCube 2.31.1

i read an interactive fiction lately, and it inspired me to try and make my own! the author’s character customization is ideal to what i would like my own character customization to look like, but i have no idea how to code it. i’ll give an example of what i want:

basically, there will be a set text describing the main character with descriptive details such as: “you stared in the mirror, your beige skin glowing under the sunlight and your long black hair messy from just having woken up.”
The bolded words would be highlighted, and the readers would be able to interact with the descriptive words to suit their preference or appearance, and it wouldn’t take them to a new passage - they would simply just be changing the word by clicking on it.
i would have to code the different options, but they will only be revealed as the reader continues to click on the word to find the option best suited.
does anyone know how i would code this? i’m so sorry for my terrible explanation, if you need me to explain more in-depth, please let me know - or i could even link you to the story i’m talking about so you could see for yourself what exactly i’m talking about.

Sounds like the <<cycle>> macro.