changing usernames

I’m told phpbb can be configured to allow users to change their own usernames. If the administrators don’t mind, could this please be turned on?

Otherwise, I request that my username be changed to lunasspecto

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It already is on; if you go to your user control panel, then profile / account settings, you’ll see the field to change.

George, I think you can edit it only because you are a moderator. The rest of us can’t.

When I signed up I didn’t realise the username accepted spaces and I’d love to put a space in my username or change it to something slightly shorter. The contracted double-capitalisation is a bit ugly as is.

Just double-checked:


That’s odd. But it’s no big deal really.

I updated another setting so you should be able to now. Don’t go crazy though!

Thanks much!

I’ll try to be sparing. :smiling_imp: