changing the "kind" of an I7 object

Is it possible to change the “kind” of an existing object in Inform 7?

Say you’re trying to make a magic spell that turns a prince (a man) into a frog (an animal). Or, a prince (a man) into a statue (a thing). Can you actually alter the kind of the object, or do you have to make a new object and swap out the old one for the new one?

If it’s possible, can someone give me an example of how it would be done?


You have to make a new object and swap.

You always have the option of writing your own rules for an object, though…

A person can be petrified.

… and then rewrite instead or replacement check rules for actions that affect petrified people.

Depending on whether the object in question is more complex than the collection of affected rules, one or the other might be a more reasonable approach.