Changing the game font color size

New user to TADS, using the advlite extension for my first game

Making a web UI game, and trying to do something very simple as changing the font size and color by inserting code for example: “”

The initial display info, game description, room description, command prompt works great. But when the game gets to the prompt for command input - it’s defaulted BACK to whatever default game font, size, color, etc… Then from then on and for the rest of the game - I have lost my font size, color, etc… that I set originally.

Why is that? How can I make the game respect the initial color and size that I have set?

wow… nada a response on a simple question. I sure picked the wrong language to learn.

Did you realize that only very few very time-constrained people are replying on this board?

That’s probably side effect how the web browser deals with invalid HTML you have created by not closing the font tag. You should rather override defaultPrefs.js to change default font, size and color. Just make a webuires folder under your game source folder, copy file here and tweak it, then add the file as a resource to your game.