Changing score change text

You know how Inform reports when your score changes? Basically, I want to change that text from “[Your score has gone down by one point]” to “[The GCS level has gone down by one point]”, or the same when the score goes up. I know it sounds strange, but in the game the score is the ‘GCS level’.

Any help would be appreciated,


There are two places (other than the status line) where the score is reported. The first (as you mentioned) is the notification mechanism that occurs automatically at the end of a turn. The second is when a player types the command “score.” This shows you how to alter both, with a scenario added for testing:[code][Here we create a new rule for checking / notifying the score: (Remember to fix the tabs when cutting / pasting.)]
This is the custom notify score changes rule:
if the score is not the last notified score:
if the score is less than the last notified score:
let difference be the last notified score - score;
say "[bracket]The GCS level has gone down ";
let difference be the score - last notified score;
say "[bracket]The GCS level has gone up ";
say “by [difference in words] point[if difference > 1]s[end if].[close bracket][line break]”;
now the last notified score is the score. [<- updates last notified score to current score]

[The “notify score changes rule” is the rule responsible for checking for a score change at the end of every turn and reporting it if there is one. (See the “Rules Index” under “The top level -> Turn sequence rules rulebook.”) This will replace that rule with the new one we just made:]
The custom notify score changes rule is listed instead of the notify score changes rule in the turn sequence rulebook.

[This removes the standard rule for how the score is reported when the command “score” is entered by the player:]
The announce the score rule is not listed in the carry out requesting the score rulebook.

[This adds a new way to report the above:]
Carry out requesting the score:
say “Your GCS level is currently [score] out of a possible [maximum score].”

Lab is a room.
The maximum score is 10.
Instead of jumping: increase the score by 2; say “Whee!”.
Instead of waiting: decrease score by 1; say “Whoa!”.
test me with “jump / score / l / z / score / jump / l / score / z / z / score”.[/code]

Cheers! That works fine now. I hadn’t really thought of doing it as a rule, as I’m not that advanced in Inform.