Changing room description depending on direction entered

The room I want to describe is the edge of the woods. If you enter from outside the woods I want the mood to be of dread and the description to reflect that. If you enter from deeper in the woods, I want the text to reflect a relief that you are almost out. I am familiar with [if unvisited] which is helpful, but I’m looking for something like [if entering from the south]. Does that exist?

I have tried workarounds like assigning a property to the player and checking that property upon entering the room but could not get that to work.

If I need to, I’ll stick to more generic descriptions but would like to make this a little more dynamic if poosible.

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This is one way:

Edge of Woods has a room called the entered-from.

The description of Edge of Woods is "You feel [if entered-from of Edge of Woods is the Clearing]happy[else]scared[end if]."

Before going to Edge of Woods:
	now the entered-from of Edge of Woods is the location;

Thank you! That works perfectly!