Changing Format of Hyperlinks

Hi All,

My WIP uses hyperlinks. Can the format and font of these links be changed at the I7 level, or are link characteristics determined by interpreters? If the former, how might it be coded?

Just out of interest, are hyperlinks in IF typically displayed? Underlined and in blue? It has been a long time since I’ve been able to see links.


The format is determined by the interpreter. Blue-and-underlined is traditional, yes.

If you use the “release along with an interpreter” option to build a web version of the game, the interpreter behavior is determined by a CSS file in the generated directory. You can edit that. This doesn’t apply to other interpreters, however.

You can provide an ini file for Gargoyle to change the colour, and I think something similar may be possible for win glk. This is one of Glk’s major flaws in my opinion.